Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spectacular views

Our first beautiful picture is of our grandaughter Taylor in her halloween costume. On her right is cousin Alissa.
On Thursday, your Wednesday, we took Elder Wilson to the Hokitika airport. He was being transfered to Wellington after 7 1/2 months in Greymouth. His replacement would not be here for another 5 hours, so what to do?
Thought you would like to see how they move baggage at Hokitika airport.
The following is what we did. While as you can see below, the weather did not look promising. We headed south east of Hokitika to "Hokitika Gorge". We passed dairy farm after dairy farm. Now I know why there is a huge milk processing plant in Hokitika. That is where all the milk trucks on the west coast end up. The cows here do not need supplemental hay as there is grass all year long. They do stop milking for two months in the winter.
We ended up on a gravel road that led to the gorge. We knew we were in the right spot because there was good signage. The gorge river is fed by glacier waters which are filled with the minerals extracted by the glacier which gives it this beautiful color. We were blown away. This picture is taken facing north from a swing bridge shown later. We took other pictures from the rocks on the right.
This picture is looking north from the bridge.
Looking west from the rocks.
Elder Palanite looking north from the rocks.
After we left Hokitika gorge we back tracked a few K's and continued on to lake Kaniere, a lake surrounded by tree covered mountains. As we traveled we passed more and more dairy farms and the road got narrower and narrower and then became a one lane gravel road. Still having faith, we pushed on and were rewarded with these beautiful views of "Dorothy Falls". That is when we knew for sure we were on the right road. This first picture is from the bridge crossing of all things, Dorothy creek, which emptied into Kaniere lake.
Elder Palanite enjoying the falls.
Notice the little falls at the top of the picture.
Then we walked down the path next to Dorothy creek and came to the lake. While it looks like a bright sunny day, behind us were some heavy clouds.

We came to this beautiful spot where the road became paved and there were finally facilities for us older folks. There weren't any at the gorge.


Haafiza Nadia said...

very nice place:)
hope i get the chance to be there some day~

Jen said...

You need to start writing down this prety places so when we come and see you we can go to all of them:) I will have more pictures of the kids tonight:) They are so excited. It is going to be 76 today!!