Thursday, October 30, 2008

Labor Weekend and Nelson Trip

Action-packed week! Pictures at bottom are of our trip to Nelson with our seminary students. These are of a "Labor Weekend" activity this last Monday. We had forgotten that it was a holiday and showed up for our community service at the library and it was closed. Later we went to teach reading to the bigger boy in this picture and found a Tongan feed going on. It is too late for a candid shot when Tongan's see the camera. They are great. I had my first raw fish that day. That little boy in the bottom left is so cute and ended up in a lot of pictures. Watch for him.
I am going to show you the progress on the little garden. Tomatoes look pretty good from last time.
The men gathered round the cooking fire. No pig today. They really enjoy each others company.
Here are the Sisters enjoying the food and the conversation.
Taufa is on the far right. This is his trampoline and he finally did a complete forward flip this Wednesday when we came for piano lessons.
For the scripture chase the had three teams. President Venables participated on the middle team. They won. President Rob Venables and his wife, Sarah, moved from England 2 years ago for her health. He is an executive with Sealord, a fish packing company. We stayed in their lovely new home that evening. Sarah is from South Africa and is most charming. Their kitchen is equal to any up scale kitchen in the US.
Here are our students waiting for lunch. I guess Pony did not see me with the camera. The Nelson District leaders did a wonderful job with the lunch and then our dinner. They are just wonderful people who also feed the missionaries at zone conference. Because there are so few really talented members they are asked and willing to do far and above the call of duty.
For a couple of hours in the afternoon the kids played games. Our Tongans did not do very well, having never played the games before. During the board race below, they won the biggest laugh maker award. The girls just could not figure out left and right. Pony on the back was so frustrated.
From Left to right, our mission car, Pres. Venables, a good sister who organized the games (sorry we did not get her name), and Brother David Bell, the CES coordinator for the south island.
Potty brake at Merchison, on the way to Nelson. The roads are very windy in a lot places and particularly in the Buller River Gorge. I was following President Kinikini who was in his truck and I thanked him for that "Grand Prix feeling" he provided Sister Hoagland and me. I was glad I was not in the back seat with those kids. They were packed in there like sardines. Pres. & Sis. Kinikini were in the front. We could not take anyone with us (mission rules).

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