Saturday, October 25, 2008

More pictures from Last Week

A week ago last Saturday we were invited to dinner at the Kinikini's after the video conference (general conference). This picture was taken while we waited for dinner to be ready (we served ourselves). Left to right is Tim (Peki) a seminary student, Elder Palanite, Taufa (hidden), Elder Wilson, whom we just learned his transferring to Wellington to be a Zone Leader, Maui, and George, a newly arrived Tongan who is working for Pres. Kinikini. I asked him today how he liked his work and he replied it is too cold here. He has a wife and family in Tonga that he also misses very much.
Here is dinner, with barbecued sausage, and chicken in the dark blue pan, mussels, and potatoes. The white container has a very thick fruit (pineapple, coconut Orange), drink. You chewed it more than you drank it.
Here is Elder Hoagland being dramatic about his first taste of mussels. Very nice!
Above is Sister Paula Carpenter with her scrapbooking talent. We thought Jenni would enjoy this picture. Paula spent considerable time and money on her vacation to Hamilton in pursuit of this hobby. She also enjoyed the temple. She plans to move back there in April.

Had a lot of comments on the flowers from last post so here are a couple of more. The first is a rhododendron flower. They grow to amazing sizes here, from trees to very large shrubs.

Don't know what this flower is but we saw lots of them on this walk around the neighborhood.
Here is a view looking east from the Brunner Mine on the Grey River.
Here is Sister Hoagland looking across the river. She didn't want to walk across the bridge.
I took a walk along some trails on the mine sight and found this water fall.
This is taken from a short walking trail near our flat. Walking is about all the exercises we get and we limit that to fair weather.

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Jen said...

Good job on eating the mussels. They say you have to try something yucky on your mission. Those are some great pictures! I am looking forward to going and visiting you before you go home. My mother in law has already said she would watch the kids:)