Thursday, October 23, 2008

Local activity

Here are Bro. Doug Thoms and Sister Hoagland in front of the Clematis at Bro. Thoms home. We went for a visit to give him some moral support as he and his wife are being evicted from their home of 25 years. It is hard for them but in reality it will be much better for them. They have not been able to keep up the house for many years and it not a healthy place for him and his ailments. It is very damp and cold.

On the way back from the Thoms we again stopped at the Brunner coal mine memorial and took some more pictures. Including the bridge, Grey River, and the coke furnaces where they turn coal into coke by taking out the gases and other contaminants from the coal. It makes for a much hotter burning product.

The flowers are from Doug's yard. We took home a bouquet.

We took this picture of Mele when she came to visit her father.

No man can pass a hole in the ground without taking a look inside. They are putting new storm drains in our neighborhood. What a mess.

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Jen said...

pretty pictures. Sorry to hear about your computer!