Friday, October 3, 2008

First October Post

Here are some pictures that were not used previously. Serious Elder Wilson, hungry Elder Hoagland and beautiful Sister Hoagland resting before we walk out of the "bush." Coal Creek Falls is in front of us.
Elder Palanite having fun climbing into a downed tree stump covered with moss. You can actually see him if you click on the picture.

This is a walk in the bush not far from our flat. This was at a good part of the trail. It was a loop trail that became more and more impassible as we got closer to the other end.
This picture was taken at the highest point of the trail. They call trails "tracks" here. When we had our bad storm a month or so ago, the news mentioned that there were so many trees fallen on the tracks all over the south island that it would be months before they could clear them all. I was sure that there were not that many railroads here.
Hope you enjoy this outtake of our attempt to wish Jesse and Taylor happy birthday. It took several takes. The first one we thought was good enough turned out to be in black and white. I had to figure out how to get the color back on my camera.


Jen said...

The twins loved their birthday song! Taylor danced and danced to the music! Jess wanted to watch it again and again!
I heard today that by percentage there are more Tongans that are LDS than any other country.

Jeff and Fawn said...

That was sooo cute!
Makes us miss you two even more though!
Jeff sure is happy right now-and we needed good news-with the reffing job.
We will go down to Salem within the next week to check on things-sorry we haven't yet, just so darn busy with the daycare and our own 5 here in Oregon.
Monica and I had a good birthday-I'll post pix on our blog soon.
Thanks for more pictures of where you are-I love them!
Jeff and Fawn