Monday, July 7, 2008

A trip up the Grey River

Here are some pictures we took today. They are out of order as we of course took the Sunset pictures last but that is how they showed up when I up loaded them. Maybe we will get better as the months go by. We had two recommendations from two different people to visit a Bro. Doug Thoms. First from our Branch President and then from our friends in Idaho Falls who also served in Greymouth some five years ago. We had a delightful visit and we found him still strong in the faith. He receive the Ensign magazine each month and commented on the world wide training suppliment that came with this months issue.

We started out with clear skies today but with below freezing temperatures and a slight breeze. This is on a hill within walking distance of our flat. There is an observation deck there overlooking the city so I took several pictures from there and then walk up the street a little farther and found this shot. I don't think I have ever taken a better sunset. Maybe never will.

Here we are at Bro. Thoms home infront of his monkey tree. This is our girls first look at mother with her hair much sorter than she wanted it.
This is Brother Thoms with his 5 year old grandson.
This shot was taken late this afternoon from the same place as the last posting took place. The foliage has grown since that picture was taken. Next time I will use a ladder.
It has been a great day. I'm sure the Rasmussen's will enjoy seeing Brother Thoms. We gave him a copy of their picture we took in their home in Idaho Falls. He was very happy to receive it.

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Jeff and Fawn said...

LOVE the new pictures!
Hope you're able to see the pictures from our 4th of July trip to see how big the kids are all getting.
love ya and miss ya
Jeff and Fawn