Sunday, July 6, 2008

Photo of Greymouth, New Zealand

I found the following picture on the internet. It shows Greymouth from our end of town. The picture is shooting north and our flat is one block north of the rugby field and just to the right of the field. We have had several of these kind of days since arriving and to day was one of them. It was a very clear and beautiful day but as cold as it gets here. Just above freezing.
Church was great today. We started out with few but ended with over 35 people at sacrament meeting. It looks like we can be helpful in the primary. Sister Hoagland can help with their music as there doesn't seem to be any. We will talk with the President. We are taking credit for our first success today as a sister who's family attends every week, but she finds an excuse not to come, came today. We talked to her last Sunday on the phone and offered to teach their daughter and wouldn't you know but she showed up this week. Sister Hoagland begins lessons this Wednesday.

We were blessed by all four of our students today who stood and bore their testimonies and each one thanked us for teaching them in seminary. We are blessed.

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