Sunday, July 27, 2008

Activities for this Week

Just over a week ago we lost our computer thru a short in a usb port that had broken. It was like loosing your right arm. We had lost our link to our children and others. We are happy to but up and running again. Judy has been having some real success with her piano lessons. One adult said she had lost her ability to use her left hand on the piano. This week she is very pleased with her progress. Judy wants her to be able to play for church before we leave. The other students are also doing well but need to practice more. She picked up another student this week.

We are enjoying visiting with members of the branch in their homes. Most have very little but they are very happy. Another opportunity to help has come up. One 11 year old boy is having trouble in school because of a lack of language skills and we think I can help him by having him read to me. I hope to do this while Judy is teaching piano.

Here is President Kinikini and his children, Tim, and Moni. Tim just turned 16 and was ordained a priest last week. Moni is 14 and they are both seminary students. Sister Paula Carpenter had us over for dinner last Monday. She is a widow of just over a year. She is very faithful and was just called to be Relief Society President and is our choir director.
Saturday we watched a Rugby game that some of our adult member participated in. They were on both teams. It is hard to follow some of these games as they have two different styles of Rugby which are very similar but have some very different procedures in moving the ball down the field. President Kinikini plays on the green team but today he was recovering from an injury.

We are just amazed at the sunsets here. We finished a piano lesson just after 5:00 pm and we noticed out side the sun was a full 10 minutes from setting and it was huge and beautiful. We can't show you all the pictures but here are a couple of this last weeks sunset.

The one below was taken after we left the beach on our way home. The sun had been down over 5 minutes when we found the sky on fire. The setting wasn't the best but we can also show you one of the stores we shop at downtown.
The boy shown here Taufa Kinikini, the youngest son of our branch president and was baptized Saturday by his newly ordained brother. I was privileged to stand in when he was confirmed. What a beautiful family. His aunt Eleni is behind him.
Maui has his arm around his little brother, Taufa, waiting for the luncheon to begin fallowing the baptism. Maui is 10 and quite a fine young man. They both play rugby and Maui is on an all star team.

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