Friday, July 11, 2008

Some people we worked with this week

Sister Hoagland's first piano student, MeleToli
Sister Royal with a view from her yard.
Here we are with Sister Boyte, a strong Sister in the Branch
Elder Hoagland doing his job of keeping the car clean . We are supposed to hand wash weekly.

Thursday, July 10, 2008
We visited two sisters today. One is a life long New Zealander and the other has Moari ancestry. They were both delightful. The first lady served in the temple here with her husband on a mission and then later after her husband passed away. she is a Relief Society counselor and very active. The other is not active and a convert. She had an aunt who was an in your face kind of member to her family. She said her aunt would always get on her father for the way he lived his live and it turned him off. She joined later but I do not know why she doesn't come to church. She used to love the church dances when a youth. I talked to her about Grandpa Hoagland serving here and she said she was always impressed at how the young missionaries would learn the Moari language. No one else bothered to do it.

We went shopping for some warm sox for me and tights for Sis. Hoagland You should see Sis. Hoagland in that store with a coat, scarf and ear covering while the natives were wearing, in a lot of cases, summer wear. I think I saw more bra straps today than ever before. This store is called the Warehouse, and is like a Wal Mart, with the come as you are look by most people. It was a clear sunny day and there were no electric lights on the the store. They have natural light through Ceiling length lenses in the ceiling like a semi trailer has in its roof. I did not even notice it until we were waiting in line to check out. A very good system. They do have lights for darker days and after dark. We went to an Appliance store yesterday to get new hoses for the washing machine. They don't heat the stores much here either and it was quite cool in there. Banks and government offices seem to be the only ones that heat their places.

Friday July 11, 2008

This morning we had district meeting with the other Elders in town. It was pouring rain all night and all day. We had a visit with the clinic nurse who took all our information and we have another appointment with the doctor on Aug. 1, so we can get our prescriptions filled here. At 2:30 we met with the primary president who said she was overwhelmed. Judy loves primary music and offered to help teach the children the songs for the Sacrament program. The younger children do not know English so that should be interesting.

This evening we had a visit from the Assistants to the president. We fed them and then they showed us pictures of their currant trip. It looks like they had a good time on their way here. They took a movie in Nelson of one of the missionaries doing a native dance. He is from Kitibus, a small island on the equator where our friends, the Ottley’s, served their mission. I tried to check on the internet how to spell Kitibus, and found someone else in the same situation. I could not find it on Google earth either. The church has a school there. He claims that within 15 years they will have to abandon the island because the ocean is rising and its highest point is only 12 feet. The government is now trying to find countries to take their people.

This is my first time trying to upload a video. It does take a long time and I hope you enjoy it.

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