Friday, July 18, 2008

Busy Sister Hoagland

Judy has been very busy this week. Right now she has six piano students. In the previous blog you saw the first young lady who is doing very well. Her name is Mela. She taught the five pictured here in one afternoon at President Kinikini's home. They have an old piano that sat out on their front porch 2 months before we came. It isn't much but they can learn on it.

You can see that Sister Hoagland is not as acclimatized as the students are. She wears her scarf most of the day. They got a fire in the stove going and by the time we left you can see Sister Hoagland was warming up. When lessons were finished she could hardly talk. She was teaching rythm and constantly counting 1-2-3-4. The girl in red is Moni and 14, the young boy (Taufa) just turned 8 this this week and the boy in pink (Tim and/or Becky) just turned 16 last week. They are brothers and Sister. Their aunt is the lady (Ola) with her left hand over the keys. The other smiling girl is Anna who is 17. They are lovely kids who treat us with hugs every time we see them.

Ola is the primary president in the branch. The last week we attended the primary was in total chaos with the children running around and making lots of noise. Sister Hoagland and I thought maybe that was another opportunity for service as she is a very experienced primary music leader. We approached the branch president about helping out and then went to Ola's and before we could say anything she said she was overwhelmed. Judy is going to help get the songs for the primary program learned. It will not be without challenge as most of the none school children do not speak English. I guess you are wondering what I do to serve. I drive the car.

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