Thursday, August 28, 2008

August is ending?

The rhododendrons are really coming on now. We have found that they have a variety here that grows like a tree. This one is small by comparison to some we see, but gives you an idea of how big they grow. They also have the small shrub type, and most of them will be blooming soon. The daffodils are in full bloom. The weather this week has been so nice. We will hate to see the rain come back next week.

Seminary has been great incentive to study Isaiah, and really, for the first time in our lives. There is a video from CES that helped us use the scripture helps in the LDS edition of the King James version of the bible. The chapter headings provide information on who Isaiah is talking about, the time period, and a short description of the chapter. Also it showed the value of some of the foot notes that can give different interpretations, definitions, and other references. The lesson manuals that are very helpful in understanding the book of Isaiah. One exercise listed all the messianic prophecies made by Isaiah. We selected a few for the students to look up and explain. It is much more difficult for them as English is not their primary language. We have to explain many terms that English speaking students would know without difficulty. We have gained a wonderful testimony of Isaiah because of the prophecies he made that were about and fulfilled prior to the saviors birth and during the His reign on earth. We have a testimony of what the Savior declared in the Book of Mormon, “Great are the words Isaiah.”

Just over three weeks ago a new district leader, (Elder Palanite) moved in the area. He is a Tongan from the Auckland, NZ area. He is from a family of twelve. Before his mission he was training to become a police officer. We just love him. He has brought a new spirit and desire to do the work of the Lord. Above he is with his companion, Elder Wilson, who is as happy as we are to have Elder Palanite here. On Wednesday we had a great district meeting and are planning a missionary fireside in a couple of weeks.

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Jen said...

I am glad that your weather is getting better, but that just means that ours is going to start to get bad and I am not ready for that yet!!We have 2 great missionaries in our ward now and they are doing a great job!