Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greymouth Branch

This picture is out of order, but I remembered it too late. This is Owen Clough, after a morning of mischief during SS & RS. He is from a Moari family who live about 60 to 70 kilometers from town. They have a dairy farm.
This week we have received some wonderful pictures from home that I thought worthy of sharing. Above Jeff and Fawn's boys playing with their new soccer equipment. The look on Elliot's face is priceless as he scores against his big brother Quint. Below, Julies family enjoys a Tom Petty concert in the gorge. Their boys, Eric, and Colin, are growing too fast.
The Allen family had a picnic and walk this past week and sent this picture of Zach and Chase as they are ending the walk.
This is right after their picnic and they are about to take their walk. The children are looking at cows. We were told they were saying here cowie cow. Chase is wearing his new helmet and knee pads he just received and won't take off. The twins flanking the picture are Jesse and Taylor.
Here is the back yard of the chapel. It is a quite pleasant area, giving room for growth.
Last Sunday we had district leaders here and it is the branch tradition to feed them before they have to drive 4 1/2 hours back home (we are isolated here). Here are some of our members finishing up their meal. Sister Clough and Sister Iraia and sister Iraia's granddaughter, Hanna. Hanna loves to help Sister Hoagland in primary.

This is Brother Kitchin, first counselor to President Kinikini with his daughter Coriana.

Sister Hoagland visiting with Sister Kitchin, who is Phillipino. Before moving to NZ she worked in the area office when Elder Dalin Oaks was president there. She is our Gospel Doctrine Teacher.

Here is our little meeting house. Right now it is bursting at the seams with our primary expanding, etc. We just learned that a family that lives quite aways away are planing to move into town. We hope so as they have two seminary age children who want to attend seminary. Their father at this time has limited their activity.
One of our 9 year old primary girls, Hola, is also taking piano lessons from Sister Hoagland. The girl at the black board Lisa, is fresh from Tonga and the mother is the only member. We are so pleased that the whole family, including the father is attending. It is a fairly large family and that is part of the primary growing pains.
We learned while reading in Proverbs that a "hoary head" is an experienced and wise person with a head of white hair . Here we have three examples. Sister Wilkenson from Nelson, Sister Hoagland and Sister Boyte from the branch. The fourth was behind the camera.
Here is the feast all set and ready to go. Last month we had one of these and some of the Tongan sisters stayed home to cook rather than attend meetings. That same day a new RS president was sustained and she told the sisters they were to be at meetings and to keep the meal simple. We were thinking the same thing and were glad we didn't have to say anything. It was still quite a big meal. Tongans eat until it is all gone. President Kinikini is on the left in the suit. He is one of the slimmer Tongans.

Sister Hoagland is still making great progress with the primary. We now have a counselor who is attending and wants to take over the nursery which is badly needed. We have little ones running all over the place. She is also helping the president get better organized and helping her with having more help called.

I have been called as the branch executive secretary. They have all the priesthood callings filled except that one so I suggested it to the president. It has taken quite some time to get accomplished. Other than seminary, I thought I was just Sister Hoaglands driver with her lessons, and primary work. We also enjoy visiting some of the less active families outside of town.

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