Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another busy week

Sister Kinikini had a favorite hymn she wanted Sister Hoagland to play. They love the hymns of the Gospel. I am sure there are people who would not be caught dead playing a piano like this one, but they are grateful to have it. It sat on the front porch for about three weeks before we got there and suggested that that was not a good place for it.
Elder Hoagland celebrating his 44th wedding anniversary with his sweetheart. We had to wait until Saturday to eat at this place because their buffet is only on Saturday and it is much less expensive. Thursday was our NZ anniversary and Friday our US. We celebrated each night as well, first with fish and chips (they were ok), then with pizza on Friday. They use no tomato sauce and less cheese and very much more topping. It was very good.

Here are a couple of students working on their scripture mastery. We have not done a lot with the memorization so now we are catching up. They are doing very well and we promised them a big feed when they reach the half way mark. They have 25 in all to learn this year.

Saturday we drove up to Westport for their open house celebrating their 10th anniversary for the building. It was very well done with this as only one example of their preparation. With as few people as they have, there is a lot of faith and talent. We were pleased to see many less active come to see the open house, including the brother who avoided us last week. We had a very nice chat about his trip to the US.
Here is the counselor to the branch president. His wife is the Relief Society President.
Sister Hoagland has been attempting to help the primary president in her calling. Here they are going over some information available from the church to help in sharing time. We understand they had 54 people at church last Sunday while we were in Westport.
Another shot of the Tasman sea. It was not like this when we came back Saturday for the open house. We have been having some very bad weather this week. There is snow in the mountains and the west coast is completely cut off right now. We were told the stores were out of milk and bread this weekend and that diesel was being rationed. The Sister who runs the family history library was stuck in Christchurch and was not able to be there for the open house. Our Elders had a meeting in Nelson tomorrow so we took them to the bus station this morning. They were hoping that the pass was still closed because they did not want to take the 6 1/2 hour bus ride there and back. Sorry, the pass was open this morning.
Sister Hoagland and her student, Moni, playing a duet. Moni is working very hard and has learned to play the easy version of "Sweet is the Work". Her proud mother is watching. she has also passed off 4 of her scripture mastery verses.
Here is dad, president Kinikini, trying to get Sister Hoagland warm. That has to be the most inefficient stove I have ever seen. It can roar with fire and puts out very little heat. They are supposed to get a new one from the landlord, but who knows when. They said it was a fire hazard.

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Jeff and Fawn said...

Love the pictures!!
I have a special folder on our pc just for your NZ pix!!
I hope you get to go look at the boys playing soccer.
We miss you!!
love and hugs
Fawn and Jeff