Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Zone Conference

Zone conference has rolled around again and we drove with the Elders to Nelson for our meeting. Above is our accommodation provided by a wonderful couple in one of the Nelson branches. They had made a room in their garage that included a queen sized bed, a vanity and shower, a couple of chairs and a dresser. The toilet was out the door to the garage and one step to the right. We had a very good nights sleep.
Sister Jolliffe has to keep busy, so while her husband is in interviews, she was found here knitting a scarf for a grandchild. We just love her, she is such an animated person. She is so happy and excited about everything when in conversation with her and she brings a wonderful spirit when to teaches.
The photo was taken by the Jolliffes 16 year old son. What can I say about the goof balls in the back. We have a nice little zone with four teams of Elders and two couples. We have 1 Samoan and three Tongans. The pair sitting between Sister Hoagland are our zone leaders and the two next to them are the assistants to the President. The one on the right is from Sydney, Australia. The couple on the right are from the Auckland area. We stayed with them for our last Zone conference. Because we are so isolated we may never be able to host them.

President Jolliffe said in our interview with him that he was having difficulty replacing missionary couples and may want to move us sometime in the future. This branch has had a couple missionary for many years, and he may have to let them stand on their own. Everybody!! Put in those papers and join us. The work is so rewarding and we are in such good contact with our family we don't feel we are missing too much. The church is growing so fast and the need is so great in other areas of the world, that places like New Zealand are going to have to stand on their own feet.
President Jolliffe has encouraged innovation in our finding people to teach. This is an example of "Chalk Talk", where we can demonstrate a gospel doctrine on the street using chalk.
Here is another idea for attracting people in a public location. We had other workshops demonstrating other ways of finding. He wants the Elders to come up with their own ideas and try them after his approval. He says they can try an idea three times and if there is no success, not to do it again. The mission is finally going to try cell phones with the district leaders first, and then all missionaries if it works well. Right now the only contact from the office or mission president with missionaries is late night or early morning when they are in their flats.
Here are our hosts, the Wells, for Sunday evening. They are really wonderful people with grown children faithful in the gospel. Their Son-in-Law is the district president. Brother Wells is Moari and she is European. Sister Wells said her mother did not like Moari's and Mormons. She said she married one, and became the other. My dad said my grandpa was prejudiced against the Danes, and all three of his children married Danes. They provided us with dinner and breakfast. Their little garage room was made just for missionary couples to stay. Brother Wells retired from 30 years with the church college in Hamilton just 4 years ago. We spent the evening in great conversation.

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