Saturday, September 6, 2008

Travels Around Town

We had a pretty good week with new opportunities to serve every day.
First we had contacted Ana's mother about Ana attending BYUH.
She thought it a good idea but had very little helpful information.
When we talked to Ana Wednesday afternoon about school She
was quite taken back by the prospect. She was just planning to
get a job after school. Her first
question was, "will I have to take the plane all by my self." I
assured her there would be at least a another couple of hundred people
on the plane with her. Of course that is not what she meant. I am sure we can get her in contact with other students on the south Island who are going to attend. We are
now waiting to get her grade point average.

We also have some English students now. You remember Lesili from last week. When we first arrived he was quite apprehensive about having English lessons. When we left we had at least two more students. His little brother and his mother. The Langi's have the most beautiful
children, and they dress them like a million bucks for church, etc. The fact is they
live in a good size, but run down house, and have very little of material
things. We are excited with the prospect of teaching English to these people. We were given some miss information about about their desires.

Here are some pictures of our walk on Friday. This home was at the end of a dead end street.

This is what we found on the other side of the street.

It was a little cool on our walk, but maybe not quite as cool as Sister Hoagland's attire would warrant. She does have to keep her ears warms, as they have been sensitive all her life.

Today we walked to the church for the purpose of this picture. This is what we can see out the window of our chapel. Today the sea is calm with little surf action. When you enlarge the picture you may see some in the left corner. On the right is a nice cemetery.
This afternoon after piano lessons we drove down to the Jetty where you can drive right to the end on both sides. It gives you a wonderful view of the mouth of the river as well as a perspective of being in the ocean. I took a video here of a fishing boat returning but there were two problems. First I tend to hum a lot and I was doing a particularly bad job of it while videoing. Second, We can only upload to the blog about 20-25 seconds of video and it took much longer for the boat to enter the river.
These seagulls came diving down all of a sudden and within 10 seconds had consumed a pile of french fries some one had thrown out. They look just like our seagulls but are very much smaller. Here we are looking up river toward town.

It was a beautiful day with a very calm sea. Next time maybe we can see more action.

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Jen said...

I love the pictures of the ocean. Mom does look like it should be snowing outside or something. It was very cool yesterday. Only in the 50's I am not ready for the cold air yet.