Sunday, September 27, 2009

School Days

This was the last week of the term for the New Zealand schools. It means that for two weeks we will not have seminary or school classes. Our seminary students left yesterday for Hamilton to attend the temple with other members of the branch. This is the first time for most of them to do baptisms for the dead. They were so excited. Even Sione got his hair cut for the occasion.
We took some pictures off our daughter Jenni's blog so we can show off our twins on the first day of preschool. They will turn 4 on October 4th. Taylor looks like her mom and Jesse must look like some one on Rob's side of the family. We think he will be tall like his uncle Jeff Allen.
Friday was the last day before term break and at Cobden school they have assemblies for groups of classes. This was for class rooms 1 thru 4. These girls were singing a song about a giraffe. Our Lisa Tau is on the left in yellow. Last week we had a picture of her in pink with the babies.
The students were all given free books after the assembly from the government. This is Clark, who can light up your life with his smile.
Conner is always anxious to read to us.
Veronica is cute and petite. My camera battery went flat (dead) after Veronica or I would have taken several more pictures like this.
This term the students have been studying Egypt. This was Mrs. Kitchin's treat for the children. Egyptian bread, figs, dates and grapes. The drink was to represent beer which was a staple drink for the Egyptians. She used "ginger beer," a soft drink, instead. Our Tongan's students from church had started their holiday early so they are not pictured here.

Mrs. Kitchin asked all those who wanted a drink to hold out their cup.

Mrs. Kitchin sharing the "beer".

Here is Clerk leading the class in a game of what am I looking at.

Charleigh received two or three awards in the assembly that day, so I took her picture. She got one for making the most progress in reading.
This is Jaese, who is being the class clown. He is one of the "special" children in the class.
Speaking of special, here is our Zach on a family walk. His dad, Rob, is so loving and caring when it comes to Zach. Zach has discovered how to call us on video skype and has done so on several occasions. Last time he had the twins with him and we were in the middle of a district meeting with the zone leaders in attendance. He even figured out how to do a conference call which we have not figured out how to do. That's what happens when you have no fear of clicking on a button you are unsure of.
We didn't know that we were going to have an entomologist in our family. Taylor has found an interest in bugs!!
Our daughter Julie came for a visit and joined them in their walk. Back Row, Julie and Jenni, Chase, Jesse, Zach and Taylor in front.

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