Saturday, October 3, 2009

Temple Week

This was temple week for our district. We had 10 members from the branch make the effort to attend the Temple in Hamilton New Zealand. Report is that they had a wonderful experience and spent many hours (6:45-6:00 pm) Tuesday through Thursday in doing the Lords work in the temple. We would have loved to have been able to join them but we are not allowed to leave our mission boundary. They all came back with strengthened testimonies which they bore Sunday.
Here are three of the Aaronic priesthood boys who did baptisms at the temple. Sione was the youngest and we are told the most effected by the experience. We took this as they were ready to leave for Christchurch where they flew to Auckland and then drove down to Hamilton. They were able to borrow cars from family members in the area to save money.

While we were waiting for the group to form before departing we saw a neighborhood goat that found its self some time of freedom.
Also down at the river, there were "white bait" fishermen at work. I was told that the white strips made it easier to see the fish who swim in schools, are very small, and have clear bodies. They love them in sandwiches. We have not yet tasted them.
In our walk through the neighborhood we found spring is coming on fast. As I write this the north island was having a winter storm with a lot of wet snow. The Hawks Bay area and the central plains got it bad, with people stranded because of the unexpected snow. Farmers are without electricity and are unable to milk their cows. Others have lost their little lambs. We, on the other hand were having a beautiful day. Greymouth recorded the highest temperature in the country, 60 degrees.

This week we said good bye to a very productive Elder. Elder Vaioleti had seven baptisms in the 6 months he was here. That equaled last years baptisms for the whole of the Nelson Zone. The zone has 17 baptisms already this year. With the departure of Elder Vaioleti, we welcomed back Elder Palaniti. He will finish his mission here in December. We love him and wish him success here. He had to return home for knee surgery and has been back for a while.

Jenni and Rob were offered a four night, four day, trip to an elite vacation at Three Forks Ranch in Wyoming. Rob's Sister in law was kind enough to take their four children while they were gone. They said they had a wonderful time, with their favorite activity being fishing. Here Jenni is trying her hand at skeet shooting. I understand she got three out of fifty, with the successes coming with her eyes closed.
One wonders how many times these fish have been caught over their life span. They are all released.
The fish were quite large and fun to catch. They had guides that did all the work and training. They also recorded their catches. Pretty fancy fishing accessories.
As Jenni is allergic to horses, she did not go on the horseback trails. She went fishing again and Rob, as you can see was not happy, nor did the horse look that excited. He later went fishing by himself and caught several more fish.

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