Monday, September 21, 2009

Some baby pictures

We are so pleased with the progress of Murray Paterson. He has been attending regularly and this week President Kinikini and I visited him and he accepted the assignment to Speak this coming Sunday in Sacrament meeting. We also had 4 investigators who returned to the meetings this week.
We were crossing the river on a Saturday and saw this beautiful sunset. The town closes down after 6:00 pm so we were able to stop on the bridge and take this picture. We will miss the beautiful sunsets here. They are much more intense and colorful during the winter season.
After doing the business of the clerk on Sunday the 13th I came out to this scene. They were standing the 3 month old Tau baby next to the Kinikini's 14 month old taking their picture. As you can see we are having beautiful weather, much better than last year at this time.
I came in and took my picture as well. Selene Tau on the left and Lou Ann Kinikini on the right. On Sunday we had to see President Kinikini concerning some recommends for temple ordinance workers. As we were about to leave I looked in the rear view mirror and saw little Lou Ann walking down the block nearing the end. I asked president if he knew wear Lou Ann was. You should have seen him run.
After these first pictures they started getting creative. They have the babies sitting on Iraia Langi's shoulders. He is three. Lisa Tau is the pretty little girl in pink. We had her in our school class for awhile until she moved to a more advanced room.
Here we are with our institute students, Oafa Tau and Mafi Langi
Toupo Tau is next to her big sister, Ofa and Moni is holding their little Sister, Selene.
This is the current excitement in Greymouth. They had a small slide this winter on the south end of the bridge. It left an over hanging bunch of rocks right next to the road, so they are working the way over to get rid of the danger.
After this is done they have a much larger slide on the other side of the Grey river to take care of. We showed that slide a few weeks back.

We have learned that we will not be replaced here in Greymouth. They have a couple which they are assigning to the Westport Branch who will be here in November. This is a small branch with the active members in their late sixties and early seventies. The report is that they are very concerned as to what is going to happen. They are pretty set in their ways and are afraid the couple will come and shake things up! We certainly hope they will make a big difference as there are a good number of less active members there who need fellowshipping.

They will have a much different mission experience than we have had. More actual missionary work. They will not have seminary and institute classes to teach, English and reading, and music lessons. We have also worked with the less active. They will have a wonderful experience finding investigators to teach and baptize. We have left that kind of work to our wonderful Elders here.

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