Thursday, February 12, 2009

We started out the week traveling to Westport for our monthly speaking assignment. They are really struggling with health issues there. Most of the branch is in the senior citizen category. The president is legally blind and was hard of hearing until he finally got hearing aids this month. His wife has heart problems. His counselor had a heart attach last month and the wife was diagnosed with lymphoma this month. She does not look good and it is the second time. The other counselor and wife are way over weight and have diabetes, etc.

We went to the Cobden school yesterday to see if we could be of use helping the Tongan students with English and reading. The principle was off so we will have to wait until next week. We hope to find out in the mean time if we are going to be here or not. President Jolliffe is thinking of moving us to Westport. We have zone conference this week and I hope we can get some answers then.

The tomato's are progressing but summer is almost over here. Word is that we have not had a normal summer and it has been cooler.
These pictures were taken on our way home from Westport where we spoke in Sacrament meeting.

Sunday was one of our nicer days this week. It has turned nasty toward the end.This is the 2009 Greymouth branch seminary. Those two big guys in the back are 16 and are the best kids you would want to meet. Back Row: Tim and Heamoni (Moni) Kinikini, Pone Langi.
Second row Sione Langi, Tupo Tau, and Samu Tau. Moni is 15, Sione 14, Tupo 13, and Samu is 14. Tupo and Samu are not members (yet).

On Wednesday we took a walk to another area we hadn't been. This neighborhood is southwest of us just past the hospital. It is closer to the ocean and there are some nice homes in there. This one and the names of the occupants which is rare. I took this picture because my fathers name was Laurie. This is the first time I have ever seen another male of that name. My dad hated the name and went by L L Hoagland, and was called Hoagie by his friends. Always Bro. Hoagland and church.
This was just a pretty yard.
Down by the ocean we found a motor home and camping site. This is part of their play area. They had a traditional trampoline but this was a big air filled blatter surrounded by sand. Very nice place. People rent a very large number of small campers to go on vacation.

You can tell people must feed these ducks. As we approached they came toward us as fast as they could. This pond is between the hospital and the runway for the airfield. This was a much longer walk than we were used to and by the time we got home we were dragging.

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Jenni said...

I hope you get transferred up north. There is a show on that takes them to NZ up north at is was gorgeous!!!!! Too bad about all the health problems