Friday, February 27, 2009

Another great week.

Sunday evening we attended the Kinikini's family home evening. We have an open invitation and enjoy being with them. They discussed family goals and I was asked to print up the chart with their goals and the rules to attain them. They will hang it on their lounge (Living room) wall.

Monday we had a good lesson in Seminary. Only Pone and Tim came. Sione is not coming because he says he is not old enough. Monie is out of town and the Tau's father was in an accident this morning before seminary. We had a good walk and I then made up the goal chart for the Kinikini's. Worked out well. We went to the hospital to see Fatui Tau but he wasn't there. That was good. We did our community service at the library shelving books for a little over an hour. After the library we visited Fatui at home. He had a foam collar on his neck and a sling for his sore shoulder. A large truck had hit his van from the side and flipped it. He was very lucky. We taught Nuku a reading lesson. Tonight the Elders came over and we watched "God's Army" together. It is a true story about missionary work in California. Very funny and especially watching it with missionaries.

Tuesday Sister Leone Young, less active Sister requested that we bless her home. Her husband had died and she was struggling with the loss. We came over and met her and her family. She has a son and daughter (who has two wonderful little boys) who live with her and look like they have some mental retardation. There was another daughter there from Australia who looked to be normal. She had suggested the blessing. We had a nice visit with them and then I offered a blessing on the home which they much appreciated. The mother and daughter both were very emotional following the blessing. We hope to go back soon and offer Sister Young a personal blessing and hopefully teach the plan of salvation. Their records had indicated "No Visits".

We had five for seminary Wednesday. Our lesson was on the transfiguration. These students have never been taught the bible stories that you would hear as a child. Not that this would have been one of them, but everything is so new to them and are amazed by them. It is beautiful to see them react to what we are teaching. We wish they would read their assignments before they come some we would have more time to teach principles.

Mele's mother just came back from Australia and we had a piano lesson with her Friday afternoon. She would be so good if she put more practice time. Hopefully we will have time for her to do some real good.

In the evening we had a branch activity, a car rally. It was fun and we rode with Sister Scott. Prior to leaving I was fooling around in the back of the church with our seminary students playing touch rugby. I went for a steal and crash landed on my stomach. It will be sore for awhile as I might have bruised a rib. Its tough to stay upright when you are a little top heavy.

Here are a couple of more pictures from Christchurch.

A Saturday morning garage sale at sister Carpenters house. She a a lot of stuff that she doesn't need now that she is a widow and will soon be moving back to the Hamilton area where she has lots of friends. Her son husband and son both died within the last two years and she has nothing keeping her here.
The clouds wrap around the hills to to east like this quite often.
This picture were taken a block from our flat just before 9:00 am.
Here is the last of our continuing look at the progress of the Kinikini tomatoes. They are starting to get a harvest.
We have had way to much of this kind of weather this week. this is pretty much the extent of our yard.
The elders have been teaching Doug Thoms grandson, Scott Thomas. His baptism was today. Elder Tamale did the baptizing. Our contribution was the music and Sister Hoagland also gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. I made up the program, was a witness, and offered the benediction. I was happy to see Doug at the church. He offered the opening prayer and was a witness.
Here is the family with Elder Bair. The mother is excommunicated and the father is not a member. We hope they will continue to come to church. This was not a convert baptism.

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