Saturday, December 6, 2008

First Week of December

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Elder Joseph B. Worthlin early this week. We had the privilege of viewing the funeral on BYU-TV on line at 8:00 am this morning. He was a special man who was so humble. Reading his conference talks where inspiring and at the same time a delight.

Sister Toli is in Australia working until mid January, so after Mele's piano lesson we offered to put on their family home evening. I showed Manase all the FHE helps available on the site. It is so easy, with all the lessons, activities and even a program preparing site. The church has made it so there should be no excuse for lack of resources.

They told us of Mele's swimming meet on Thursday so we showed up for support. Here she is warming up before the races. They have one race right after another for the different age groups. Mele was in two. She has some work to do on her free style form, but her breast stroke is pretty good.
Here she is winning her second race.
This is Hannah, Sister Iriah's foster child. She has come to church some, but not lately.
A couple of weeks ago While Sister Hoagland was teaching Ana's brother reading, I put together her new bed. She was given a beautiful bedroom set for her graduation and 18th birthday. This was my first chance to take pictures. The girl on the bed with Ana is Tupo Tau. She is 13 and a non member who comes to church often. We are trying to set her up with piano lessons. Her father is an obstacle to the family joining the church. The mother is a member.

Here is the dresser, which is already well occupied with teen age stuff. Her brother Sione is in the mirror. He is our only deacon.
After lessons with Nuku Langi, we stopped by Sister Carpenters for a visit. She is still having some bad days and is off work from her son"s death three weeks ago. After a good visit she indicated that she was going to the church later to set up for the Relief Society Luncheon Saturday. We offered to help if she needed it and she called us a short time later. It took us an hour to set it up so it would have taken her at least three hours if she could have moved the heavy tables herself.
Saturday morning the Elders came by around 8:00 am. Elder Bair was in some distress as he could not close his left eye and the left side of his face was numb. The hospital is only 3 minutes from here so before he could come in the door I sent them off to emergency. Of course it was "Bells Palsey". It should take six to twelve weeks to clear up. Sister Joliffe called and wanted us to reassure him so that he should not have undue concern. I fed them lunch as Sister Hoagland went to the RS Luncheon. They are good missionaries and went out and worked this afternoon.

Before the luncheon today we took a short drive to south beach to a high ridge we had noticed from the Toli's home. The Sun was just right and we got these pictures. This is looking south.
This is looking west and I wanted to show some of the homes being built on this new development. The best of homes here have clothes lines. This is looking down on South Beach.
This is looking north east from the ridge.
The Relief Society Luncheon. The Sisters from Westport were also in attendance. There were about 15 Sisters. Sister Hoagland made chocolate revel bars.

Sister Hoagland promised the primary an ice cream and potato chip party for the children who participated in the primary program. Only six boys showed up and they had a good time. You will notice they use the chips to scoop their ice cream. Yum! Do you remember the potato chip sandwich a few months back?
Here is the result of the party. They kept saying they felt like they were pregnant, as if they new. Notice how bright the light is at the window. We were having a beautiful day today.

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Jeff and Fawn Hoagland said...

oh my gosh what gorgeous pictures!!
the thought of your cooking Judy makes Jeff and I miss you even more-and the grandkids especially!
and with Christmas coming we're feeling even sadder that you're so far away-we MISS you both!!
Jeff and I are so happy to read your blog posts-makes us feel closer to you!
We're gonna try to get you some pix of the kids and us for the holidays.
Sorry that they won't include ones of Jeremy,Amanda or Amie-or Preston.
We miss those 4 so much...but we're grateful to be able to have the 5 with us as we do now that we live in the same city as my ex. We're settling in now and things are looking up!
we love you very much
Fawn and Jeff