Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Greymouth Branch Talent Night

Since the branch had not come up with a branch activity for December we and the Elders in our little Greymouth district come up with something for them. A talent night and pot luck. The great part about it was we had 8 non-members in attendance. They also participated. These first 2 pictures are to show that we had a pretty good attendance. The room was L shaped so I took the pictures in the same spot.

Each family was asked to have an item (number) for the program. It is strange how these functions develope. It was scheduled for 4:00 pm and at that hour there were us missionaries and the branch presidents family and one other. By 4:40 we had enough to start. At 5:30 we had the full complement of people in attendance. We had a Karaoke group made up of foster children from the Iraia family. The blond in pink was a 10 year old boy who was a very reluctant dancer.
Cross dressing turned out to be popular in this outpost of the church. We will talk to the president about that. These two Tongan men brought the house down with their performance.
This was one of the more class acts with Hola and her two brothers and sister and Mele. A traditional Tongan dance, where they oil the arms and members of the audience can come up and slap paper money on their arms. A lot of the dancers made out pretty good that night. See the video of this dance. I can't show much because I can't upload enough video to cover the whole dance.
This is a Grandpa and grandson act. This boy is eight and loves to do the hula.
Sister Scott participated by telling a wonderful story where she used the name of a Tongan member as the main character. He is very shy and the punch line at the end got a big laugh. We and the Elders started the program singing Away in the manger. I'm glad we were first because I don't know where we would have fit in the rest of the program.
The first video is from the 5 and under group.

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what a great idea to have a talent show!