Monday, June 30, 2008

Mostly for the family

We drove over to the beach and were hoping for a good sunset and quickly realized that the clouds were right down on the horizon. We turned to our left and there was the New Zealand Alps. That was the best shot I got or I should say the only good shot I got.

We took this picture of our first home. We had it built in 1969 for just under $25,000. We lived there when Jenni was born. I remember when the guy came around the neighborhood selling the lamp post you see by the driveway. It has lasted pretty well. I noticed also that they still have the same storm windows we put in. They were on the inside of the widows so we did not have any sill.
This was the house we lived in for about 18 months until we moved back to Oregon. We really enjoyed this ward because there was so much talent there. We had a wonderful choir and the church had a brand new pipe organ. Judy really got interested in playing the organ when we moved there. She got busy and learned to play the foot pedals.

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Jen said...

That is the 2nd house we had in Utah?? Not at all what I had in my mind! I thought it was a darker brick. I also thought that it was taller for a two story. I guess a 6 year old doesn't have the best memory:)