Monday, June 23, 2008

More Mission Photos.

Here is Elder Hoagland wishing he were as young as the Elders on those bicycles at the MTC.
We got a chance to attend the temple in Provo. It was such a beautiful evening. We came out and there was Utah Lake in the distance surrounded by beautiful mountains. I try to find that shot for next time.
I wonder how many pictures have been taken in front of this world map. Thousands every year.
Here is our office and lovely kitchen. Right now the table is much less cluttered. The wast basket is full. We finally got the ancient printer running a couple of days ago. We had to go on line to get a driver.

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Jeff and Fawn said...

Love the new pictures Mom and Dad!
We loved talking to you the other day-hope you get to see our blog often and see the grandkids summer fun they're having-we miss you but are so happy you're over there doing God's work!
love you!!!
Jeff and Fawn and munchkins