Friday, August 7, 2009

Freshened flat!!

On Tuesday we traveled to Hokitika to work on our lost sheep list. On the way we detoured to Kamara to visit Sister Linda Powell. She just had her third daughter, Melissa. They knew the baby would have have a cleft lip but did not know how far into the mouth it would go. They were happy to find that it was limited to the lip. Because of this condition the family had to travel to Christchurch for the delivery. They were asked to come a week before the due date. They stayed at the Ronald McDonald house next to the hospital.
Clark Powell works for an electricity provider, and has his sick leave built up and he is able to us that to be home for a few weeks to watch the other children.
We have signs of spring coming with some magnolia trees blossoming and Camellia bushes flowering.
We had some excitement at the north end of the bridge over the Grey River. A large rock slide closed the street for some time. They have moved the rocks to make a protective barrier. Who knows when they will permanent fix at the site. The white box on the boulder on the right is a microwave oven someone left to be taken with the rocks.
While we were waiting for the seminary class to come we spotted this sunrise over the hill in front of the flat. Note the way the fog wraps around the hill.
Thursday we had a district meeting at the flat with our zone leaders in attendance. Following the meeting we fixed french toast and bacon for them. Left to right, Elder Teripai, Elder Schipper, Elder Stanford, and Elder Vaioleti.
Thursday afternoon our YM/YW came to the flat to earn money to go on the branch temple excursion. This flat has been used by senior missionaries for at least 10 years, and the walls needed some cleaning. Mafi Langi has her name on the back of her shirt. She is a counselor in the YW and one of our institute students.
Sione Langi is 14 year old seminary student. This morning in class he asked why we claim to be the only true church. It was a perfect question asked at the perfect time as we were studying 1Cor. 15. There are three doctrines taught in that one chapter that are pretty exclusive to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. First; that all people will be resurrected (vs 22) not just the righteous. Second; the doctrine of baptism for the dead (vs 29) who have not had opportunity in this life. Third; We will be resurrected to celestial , or terrestrial bodies. The difference being that most Christians believe in heaven or hell but we believe in kingdoms of glory based on faithfulness.

1 Cor 15 is a wonderful example of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints containing the "Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ". We explained that we teach all the doctrines taught in the bible, while others taught only the ones they understood. We understand them all because of the restoration of the gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith and the doctrines remain pure through living prophets and apostles today. That was what Paul was doing in his day. Trying to keep the doctrines pure. Some had forgotten already the blessing of the resurrection made possible by the Lord Jesus Christ. He was teaching them this basic doctrine that had already been lost to some in the church.
Sister Hoagland is standing in front of our pantry while the kids pose for their picture.
Sister Langi married Puta last November and she is here with her step daughter, Polohiva who is twelve. That is quite an undertaking to bring up 5 children who are not yours.
Mafi, Moni and Tama'a Langi. When they were through the flat felt clean.
We provided potato chips and "fizzy drinks" for them before they left. There were eight of them, and they went through 4 backs of chips and 4 liters of pop. What a great experience working with all these kids. We love them!!!

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