Friday, May 8, 2009

Last Saturday Elder Hoagland came down with a cold and was of little use over the weekend. He was well enough to travel to Nelson for zone conference on Monday morning. We left early so we could inspect the missionary flats. We inspected the Sister's flat first and they had made some sweet rolls for us. yum!!! We then went to the zone leader's flat and inspected there. Not too bad.
We finally went to lunch and Subway around 2:00 pm.

We were upset when we discovered that we had left the memory card for the camera in the computer at home. After shopping for piano lesson music we still had time to tour the Nelson Cathedral, which is quite beautiful inside but rather plain on the outside. It is the third church building on the sight, the first being built in the 1860's. The Cathedral was built in the 1920's and has had additions in the 1960's and a remodel in 1970's and 80's. A benefactor had provided a beautiful organ in the 1970's. Would loved to have heard it played.

We had been invited to dinner by our hosts, Rob and Sarah Venables. It had been quite some time since we had stayed with them. We love their children, who are very precocious. Sarah is from South Africa and fixed us a Moroccan dish with lamb and couscous. Sarah is very active and was not home when we stayed last time as she was on a 3 day hike. This evening she had a Pilate's class she teaches so we spent the evening with Rob and the children, reading in the scriptures (1Samuel) and then playing "Seek" and a Book of Mormon card game "Aye Nephi." Ashley is 10 and Joshua is 7. They both read very well and have a wonderful knowledge of the Gospel. Having the blessing of teaching seminary and institute we were very competitive.

Our zone conference on Tuesday was great and the Elders were excited because they finally got cell phones. That will make their planning and daily activities much easier. There had been so much phone abuse in the mission in the past that it had been resisted by past presidents. This president knows how to handle abuse. He just sends the bill to the parents or back to the Elder depending on their situation.

We finally got seminary back up and running. Now that the Kinikinis are all back they have transportation. We have made up some make up lesson for them to do. Not sure it will do them any good. Our institute girls keep forgetting to come so we tend to one week no show and double up the next week. We are going to have a single adult fireside for them Sunday night. A new 25 year old sister from Tonga just came to town and we hope she will come too. Not sure how long she will be here. Mafi told us of another Sister coming next week, so we could have a nice group. A few young men would be helpful too.
Friday we had a quick hail storm. This picture was taken through our sliding door window. That morning our friends (the Rasmussens) who are serving in Granada called us and rubbed it in by saying it was 92 degrees and they were just on there way for a swim in the ocean. We are not looking forward to winter. Our windows already are sweating every morning.

Here is Sister Hoagland with Luan (Lou Ann) Kinikini. She is a doll, although she is not too sure of white people yet.
When we arrived they were having a visit with a non member friend. It took a few tries to capture a smile from Luan.

Two of our seminary students play rugby for their high school. Tim (peki) Kinikini is the one facing the camera. This is their half time pep talk.
This is a rugby scrum and Napoe (Poni) Langi is the big guy on the right. He is a most consciencious student, in that he always wants to be here and wants everyone to behave. A very big and lovable kid.
Peki is a very good player and sacrifices his body for the cause. He really hits hard. You may see a hint of red in his hair. He is a very busy young man who goes to seminary, school, works, plays school and club rugby. He loves to tease the girls too.
While Thursday was beautiful, you do not see the 15 mph wind or the 45 degree temperature they are playing in. I had a sweater, coat, hat and scarf on. You can see that the referee has a bank logo on his shirt. All the boys have a small patch with a beer sponsor on their shirts.

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Jeff and Fawn Hoagland said...

loved the pictures as always!
hope you had a Great Mother's Day Judy!!
I wanted to thank you for raising such a wonderful man-he is the light of my life and makes me happier then I ever thought possible this side of heaven. I know that he has to give you, his wonderful mother, credit where credit is due-and he does!
we both love you and miss you and Jack every day!
can't wait till you're home and we can give you a big hug!!
Jeff and Fawn